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free car repair ministries

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Wanted mechanic need alternator 35000 miles

I am a disabled senior citizen who is homeless need alternator for my car... The mechanic stated that I possibly need alternator. I got a brand new battery they said it's only temporarily before the engine will cut off.I was in a program I won't say the name which is transitional motel and at the last minute they decide we can no longer help you and gave me two weeks notice to pay for the motel or leave. I found an apartment I won't say the name. They said I can rent the apartment I qualify pass credit check and all the necessary things to obtain a apartment. I had a housing voucher and they said they accepted with no problems whatsoever. in the process they did not do anything that they said they were going to do in order for me to obtain the apartment. so at the last minute on day 20 they text me and decided it I had an incomplete application we chose not to rent to you. totally discriminate discrimination against my age and my disability. my FICO score was 685 so there were no reason whatsoever my credit was bad where I could not qualify and I did complete the application but they had you tried to figure out some way to get out of renting to me. to make a long story short I ended in the streets living in my car have a 2011 Venza only 35000 mile. I need car repair desperately or else from the car to living in the streets where I will die I cannot walk I need 2 major knee replacement surgeries I will not make it. I'm asking if there's anyone out there that can help me I would truly appreciate it ASAP. I have a new battery but how long that will last that remains to be seen. I do have the invoice and the receipt where I took my car to get the new battery and their diagnostic so the alternator is going bad. The mechanic said I was reading at 13 and it should read at 14 it's just a matter of time before it cuts out completely. If you're out there and don't mind helping a disabled PT teacher who who's unable to work and who's been wrongly done. buy more than one person and a company. be the first one to help make my day. I pay my taxes I work 50 years Non-Stop. And I'm just really having a horrible time bad luck whatever you want to call it. but if you're and Auto dealer please fix my car before it's too late. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I am grateful because I know a lot of people probably stopped because it's lengthy. but I'm not only reaching out for auto repair but is anyone out there that heard part of my story of what happened to me and you an attorney or a consultant please help me for I have been wrongly done. Please pray for me the biggest help anyone in the world is you for God to help with my car and I have been roughly done and became homeless due to no fault of my own. Thank you and God bless you all and may God answer your prayer for those who need help for their car and whatever else they need help in. Always in Jesus name I pray.
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baythooven   in reply to capone   on

I need Intake and head work I'm on disability I need help

I bought a 94 ford escort from auction a week ago and it needs a diagnostic and air intake work the air filter casing is cracked apart and filter is out the engine overheats and steering wheel needs too be looked at , brake line wire is cut and hoses some cracked are positioned on hot surfaces most look like small work but could cause major problems if not addressed. I bought the car too get my 12 year old lab Beethoven Thor from coos bay Oregon. I didn't expect it too take me this long too get housing so plan b get him where. I have had him since he was three months old and he needs special vitamins and care too keep him healthy I cant expect the one who's care he is in too do all I can and do for him {in between places or not} I am in Seattle I needed a place for us while figuring out my housing. It distresses me not having him with me and so far away so the vehicle is my remedy for place and getting him. I do need a little work so there it is putting out feelers Jan
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I need Intake and head work I'm on disability I need help

I need Intake and head work I'm on disability I need help
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single Moms!  

Hello, im a single mom with 2 kids and homeless. Im looking for someone who could help me

Hello, im a single mom with 2 kids and homeless. Im looking for someone who could help me with my van, it needs a tune-up and air condition. And perhaps a radio to hear music. I will appreaciate if some looks after on helping us.
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car repairs needed, free car repair ministries: I am a single mother of a child who is disabled and receives

I am a single mother of a minor child who is disabled and receives SSI. I just found out that our car (that we received from a charity) needs a rear bearing replaced. The rear bearing is an essential part of the suspension and if not fixed can lead to a major accident with the entire wheel breaking off the vehicle. I have priced it with a lot of mechanics and the census is that it cost $400 plus. We do not have that money, which means we will be letting the car just sit in the driveway. Also means I will need to find another means of transportation to her weekly doctors appointments. I have even researched trying to buy the part myself & trying to do the repairs DIY, however it looks as if I will need tools that are expensive (jack, etc...). I am at a loss as what to do. I would be more than willing to do the repairs myself with the supervision of a mechanic. I live in the South Bay Area in California.
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christopher.moss   in reply to soulight   on


I am in dire need of a vehicle. my name is christopher moss. i have a job but I seek employ elsewhere for better wages and benefits. Right now i can afford food and my phone and insurance. today my car exploded while i was getting my family groceries. i dont have the money needed to get a car and i do not have the credit to even get a credit card. all of the options i have i am frantically trying because i can not be without employment even if my job is paying me less than minimum wage. i moved back to illinois after learning my grandmother the woman who raised me had become increasingly ill with alzheimers. i cannot file for unemployment because my social security card was stolen and i hold a arizona license. this situation is not one i want or need to be in but i need to try everything. if anyone knows where i can even get repairs for free or cheap cheap please help. i need 150$ in parts. i can do the labor. i will even volunteer time. i will even trade my car for a moving car. Its whatever.
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Got oil changed yesterday and was given a $500+ laundry list of repairs. Plus I

Got oil changed yesterday and was given a $500+ laundry list of repairs. Plus I need 2 front tires...they are currently bald. Unemployed; paying high rent due to roommate leaving, no health insurance, etc., etc., etc. :-( Any help would be appreciated.
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Fireplug   in reply to Pinkyof3   on

Transmission work

what if I cant work/100%disabled/could,I,still,recieve,financial,help,for,auto,repairs&purchases?
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car repairs

Hello I would be bless if you can help me with my car repairs, oil change,tuneup,transmits.
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Transmission work

I am a mother of 3 and I live in North Carolina. I just recently lost my job due to car troubles and i can not go out and find a new job or take my children (one is autistic) to the doctors because my transmission stopped working. Seems like it is stuck in gear. Getting ready to lose everything because I can not work and can't pay my bills. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!!
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CARS        grants for CARS ,  free cars  ,  fix up your car ,  very low percentage car loans ,  donations of cars  , finding a good used car  ,      CAR ministries by area  ,    CAR    CARE  SITES



Opportunity Cars : Over 150 non-profit organizations that have gotten together to provide cars to hard working individuals !  Check it out !




If you live in King County ,   Washington ( one of the lowest income places in the States) here is a great page of transporrtation ideas : 






Did you know that the retailer called Auto Zone lends out tools for working on your car ? They also have free car repair booklets . Here are some of the other things that they offer :


Repair Info
Vehicle Repair Guides
Product and How To Info
Automotive Glossary
Free Testing
Free Battery Charging
Free Loan-A-Tool Service
Free Fluid Recycling

To see if there is an Auto Zone near you , go to this link :









Having a car is a wonderful blessing , and I hope everyone who is searching will find what they need . After you obtain that car , how will you pay for gas ? Here is one solution courtesy of our Aidpage friend , Elaine of TSA ( she found the site and told me about it ! )

It is a site for GRANTS FOR FREE GAS . See if you qualify !





Many of us who have struggled with being  low income/disabled/single mom/seniors  know what it is like to be without transportation.Here is an article that talks about this struggle .If you know someone who doesn't 'get' what it is like to not have a car , send them to this link.

High Cost or High Opportunity Cost? Transportation and Family Economic Success

by Margy Waller, Visiting Fellow

Center on Children and Families, The Brookings Institution


"Research evidence suggests that having a car is a worthwhile investment in better outcomes for low-income families. Recent reports quantify the additional money required to own and operate personal vehicles, as compared to the lower cost of traveling on public transit. However, this method of accounting fails to consider the fact that poor workers without a car may not be able to search for or accept a better-paying job because public transit doesn't go there, causing these workers to lose lost income or benefits as a result. This report outlines opportunity costs experienced by transit-dependent poor households, and concludes that when all costs are considered along with benefits of private vehicles, it makes sense to press for more assistance and policies that reduce car ownership costs for poor workers."
The rest of the article can be found here :










Right now , this is the best bet for finding a car .

Try contacting this organization first. As to individual requests , the only programs that I know about are the ones listed on this page. I will add any more as I come across them - soulight

 NEW OCTOBER 13 2007

The first and only national
charity of its kind that
provides donated vehicles
free of charge to struggling
families willing to work and
become self-sufficient,
tax-paying members of the community.




PLEASE READ PLEASE READ PLEASE READ PLEASE READ __________________________________________________

 There are programs that are grants , some are loans , and some are the actual donation of a car. Some are assistance in the form of fixing the car you already have.


Many programs have specific qualifications you need to fit.







This is a search by state ,and some states are listed below the search.




This may be the same program listed above. It is listed differently , but worth a try :





************NEW PROGRAMS FOUND ON 02/03/08


The two programs listed directly above are having server problems (02/03/08) . Here is another program to try in the meantime :


Another ownership list by state :(02/03/08)


Here is a car care ministry (free car repair) form . You fill out the form and they try to find a ministry service in your area. 








Loans are good only if you absolutely know that you can pay them back , no matter what the interest is.











As this page shows , Modest Needs also helps with assistance for car repair








York County , Pennsylvania(added 02/03/08)



New Life Car Ministry

Vision: Bringing New Life to cars and their drivers while at the same time serving Christ by servicing their cars.


Mission: Our mission is to repair cars as a means of being a service to our community and as a way to provide funds for New Life Ministries


Who: Contact Kevin Roukema



What: Car repair and maintenance at a reasonable price with labor costs donated to New Life Ministries.


When: First and Third Saturdays each month


Where: Two Locations-Wallington and West Caldwell.


How: All work done on premises, service records will be kept, 30 day warrantee on work performed.

The church is located at the end of Irving Street in Midland Park New Jersey. Irving Street is off Godwin Avenue. Enter 218 Irving Street, Midland Park, NJ when using Mapquest or any other internet map site. Or call 201 251 6480 for directions.





The Good News Garage,

 an affiliate of Lutheran Social Services of New England, creates economic opportunity by providing affordable and reliable transportation options to people in need. Since 1996 we have provided safe and reliable cars to over 2,000 individuals and families in need of transportation to accept a job, maintain a job, or have access to employment training.

Unlike the vast majority of car donation programs, the mission of the Good News Garage is to repair donated cars and trucks and provide them to low-income families and individuals.





Here is a car ministry in SANTA ANA AREA , CALIFORNIA







There is an alternative for responsible, working parents to receive low-interest auto loans.

Loan Eligibility
To be eligible for loan consideration, a potential borrower must: 

Be employed three months continuously
Be an involved parent

Have exhausted other loan sources

Have a household income less than 80% of the Portland median income (80% for a family of 4 is $54,300)

Reside in Multnomah, Clackamas, or Washington County






is a non profit organization dedicated to making the ownership
of new cars affordable to everyone through guaranteed low interest loans.

Bonnie CLAC’s goal is to take the stress out of transportation for our clients, and help them access an
affordable and reliable base-model vehicle. Our program is designed to facilitate the car-buying process by
gaining access to low interest rates and identifying a car that will fit into their budget. 

Bonnie CLAC provides our clients with the following services:

Vehicle Purchase Assistance
Bonnie CLAC works with car dealers to negotiate the cost of your car and
warranty, and to locate the vehicle that meets your needs.

Low Interest Loan with Loan Guarantee
Bonnie CLAC works with banks to get a very low interest car loan with a partial
loan guarantee. 

Financial Fitness, Budget Counseling and Credit Education
Bonnie CLAC works with you to set goals and give you the tools to more effectively manage your finances.






Project Self-Sufficiency

A partnership between the City of Fort Collins, Colorado and Project Self-Sufficiency, a local non-profit agency, is helping single parents who need a little assistance, due to income or other circumstances, to keep their cars in working order.






Car care and care give-away ministry in IRVING TEXAS :






No contact numbers were given for this program , but if you are a CALWORKS participant , you can ask your supervisor.

Clientele/Population Served:
Active CALWORKS participants in Contra Costa County



'Wheels for Work

MD (Anne Arundel)

Type of Agency/Organization Coordinating/Operating the Program:
Anne Arundel County Department of Social Services

Funding Sources:
Federal grant

Clientele/Population Served:
TANF recipients

Mission/Goal of the Program:
To help move TANF recipients off welfare and on the road to self-sufficiency

Programs/Services Offered:
The "Wheels for Work" program sells used donated vehicles to welfare recipients at low prices, rangin from $200 to $600 dollars. "Wheels for Work" seeks to save social services money by reducing the amount the department spends on transportation for welfare recipients. Cars from the public and private sector are sold to welfare recipients who, without a car, could not afford cab fare or find bus routes to get to a job.

For more information:
Please contact the Anne Arundel County Department of Social Services
80 West Street
MD 21401
(410) 269-4603





The Car Ministry Program
Falls Church, VA (Fairfax)

Type of Agency/Organization Coordinating/Operating the Program:
Community-based agency

Clientele/Population Served:
Staff members of a local ministry; a missionary; a needy family; an international student; a minister or priest; a single parent; a seminarian

Mission/Goal of the Program:
The Car Ministry is dedicated to recycling cars and trucks to give to needy people and ministries. There is a great need for cars and trucks to ease the transportation burden. The program is dedicated to connecting those that are in need of a car or truck with those that can provide them for free.

Programs/Services Offered:
The 2C8 Car Ministry program accepts donated vehicles, checks their condition, and assesses the need for repairs. Then, the ministry gives the car or truck, at no cost, to someone in serious need, or the program uses the car to further the goal of providing transportation. The program has a long waiting list of people in need.

Results and/or Performance Measures:
To date, the Car Ministy has given over 2000 cars and trucks to needy families and ministries. They are assessed, reconditioned, and given away without charge.

For more information:
If you have a good extra car, please donate it to the Car Ministry.
Call Roger Penn at 703-278-9299




Domestic Violence Transportation Program
Seattle, WA (King)

Type of Agency/Organization Coordinating/Operating the Program:
Transportation Department

Funding Sources:

Clientele/Population Served:
Victimes of Domestic Violence

Mission/Goal of the Program:
Provide transportation to victims of domestic violence.

Programs/Services Offered:
The King County Domestic Violence Transportation program helps survivors of domestic violence travel to safety and to shelters. The program also provides transit tickets for victims who need to get to court hearings, support meetings, or medical appointments. Additionally, it provides a van to a community agency that transports victims to support groups.

Results and/or Performance Measures:
The program provides more than 400 annual emergency taxi trips to shelters, health clinics, and advocate agencies. It also provides over $35,000 annually in Human Services bus tickets. The program is a valued partnership between the King County DOT, the King County Community & Human Services Dept, the YWCA, and local domestic violence shelters and agencies.

For more information:
For more information about this program:

Contact Bob Flor :

Contact Don Okazaki:





Jobs Access - Residential Transportation Coordinator Program
Seattle, WA (King)

Type of Agency/Organization Coordinating/Operating the Program:
County Transportation Dept/County Work Training Program

Funding Sources:
Community Transportation Association of America/Jobs Access

Clientele/Population Served:
Low-income Residents in Public Housing Authorities

Mission/Goal of the Program:
The Residential Transportation Program identifies residents and staff in Seattle and King County Housing Authority HOPE VI sites and trains them to provide transportation information to residents.

Programs/Services Offered:
Services included: 1) Multi-lingual travel training information to address needs of refugees and new immigrants; 2) Development of the Transportation Options Workshop and Residential Transportation Coordinator Toolkit; 3) Development of the Transportation Resources Index, a website of transportation services for individuals and communities.

Results and/or Performance Measures:
The RTC program was a partnership of agencies based on the block-watch model. The efforts of individual RTCs were monitored for information they provided, such as enrollments in programs such as vanshare, vanpool, ridematch, Working Wheels, or Accessible Service. The RTCs spoke several languages including Vietnamese, Arabic, Amharic, Oromo, Tigregna and Cambodian, making it possible to provide transit and rideshare information to these communities.

For more information:
For more information about this program:
Contact Bob Flor at:
Contact Colene Baker at:
Contact Jennifer Hill at:





Traveling Grannies/Grandpas Program


The Traveling Grannies/Grandpas program was founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The program began seeking funding in 1992 and the first Traveling Grannie/Grandpas volunteer started serving teens in 1993. Since the inception of the program, 557 at-risk, pregnant, and parenting teens and their children have received in-home mentoring services.

Population Served:

Low-income older adults 60 years and over provide services to at-risk, pregnant and parenting teens and their infants. The Traveling Grannies and Grandpas were also involved with the Family Impact Project through the Grand Rapids/W.K. Kellogg Foundation Family For Kids Initiative. Through this project, 42 children ranging in age from 6 months to 15 year in the foster care/adoption system received hands-on mentoring/companionship.

Services Provided:

Low-income older adults volunteer 20 hours a week and earn a non-taxable stipend of $2.55/ hour along with other tangible benefits. The Traveling Grannies and Grandpas provide the following services which helps at-risk teens gain greater self-sufficiency and improve their well-being and that of their children:

Decrease the occurrence of abuse, neglect and exploitation of teens and their children by:
Teaching positive parenting techniques
Promoting non-violent disciplinary approaches
Building self-esteem by focusing on positive actions of teens
Deterring additional pregnancies
Promote positively life style choices
Discouraging the use of alcohol and drugs
Deterring gang involvement
Promoting continuing their education
Seeking gainful employment
Demonstration of good health habits:
Encouragement to secure pre- and post-natal care
Assisting with keeping medical appointments for self and child
Instructions on nutritious meal planning and preparation
Provide needed transportation:
To make applications for job openings
To attend job interviews
To keep all other necessary appointments.

The Traveling Grannies/Grandpas Program partners with several community organizations. The following list is a sampling of partnering agencies and is not meant to be all-inclusive: Catholic Social Services, Salvation Army Booth Services, Park School, Spectrum Health, St. Mary's Hospital, Family Independence Agency, Homeless Youth Services, Planned Parenthood, Kent County Health Department, One-Way House, Family Outreach, Arbor Circle/Project Focus, and Hope Community.





Job Opportunity Transportation Program
Ventura, California

The Human Services Agency (HSA) of the Ventura Department of Social Services operates the Job Opportunity Transportation Program, a self-funding program that provides people enrolled in California's welfare program (CalWORKS) with reliable transportation for work. The initiative's primary goal is to assist CalWORKs families in obtaining reliable transportation to maintain employment, get off welfare, and achieve long-term financial self-sufficiency.

The program operates as an auto loan initiative which purchases economy vehicles that fleet operators (such as local government or large private employers) plan to dispose of because of age or high mileage, or because the vehicles are surplus. The vehicle obtained are inspected, and all necessary repairs are completed by a private sector auto repair facility, or by auto repair classes at local community colleges. The vehicles are then sold at minimal cost to pre-screened welfare families to be used as transportation to and from work. The Ventura County Federal Credit Union provides loans to these families to purchase the vehicles.

For More Information:

Jim Becker
Human Services Agency (HSA) of the Ventura Department of Social Services
Phone: 805-652-7835






Fix-it Ministry
Home Repair & Car Care -HIGHLAND MICHIGAN

The purpose of the Home Repair & Car Care Ministries is to serve the church family and the community. Everyone has home repairs and automotive needs that need to be done sooner or later. Not everyone has the skill, the time, or the tools. Calling a contractor or garage for the smaller repairs can be impractical and costly.

This ministry is intended to serve anyone who may need the help. From seniors, widows, and single moms to lawyers, teachers, and engineers - give us a call, we'd love to help.










This ministry furnishes cars that have been donated by church members to church and community members. Persons who have old cars that are operational and in reasonably repairable condition should consider donating their car to the church. All donations are tax deductible.  Those interested in donating a car or who are in need of car should contact the church office.


Church Office:
220 Auburn Avenue, Northeast
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Tele: 404-827-9707
Fax: 404-223-3060 or 








*** As mentioned at the top of this page , the best program at the time ,to TRY FIRST is the one listed in red . I will continue to add car ministries/ programs as I find them. -soulight





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